Terms and Conditions

Version 18.04 Dated: 22 Apr 2024

Please read this Agreement carefully. By accessing this Car Lite website and all its pages or by using any mobile applications in facilitation of the usage of any of Car Lite’s services, you agree to be bound by the Agreement below in its entirety. If you do not agree to the Agreement below, please refrain from browsing, accessing, or using our websites or any mobile applications for related purposes. For avoidance of doubt, the Agreement expressly incorporates Car Lite’s Privacy Policy and all annexes herein.


Car Lite Pte Ltd ("Car Lite") is the owner and operator of www.carlite.sg and its subdomains, and subpages ("the Website"). The services provided by Car Lite include but are not limited to, the provision of an online and physical platform for car rental operators and Hirers to facilitate the collection and return of Vehicle(s) hired by the Hirers from designated collection points, without the physical supervision by the car rental operators. This Agreement is made between Car Lite and you as Hirer. Car Lite reserves the right to unilaterally update the terms and conditions of this Agreement from time to time, including without limitation, changes to Fees and Charges without notice. You agree that your continued usage of Car Lite's Website and any of Car Lite's services thereafter signifies your acceptance of any updates to this Agreement, and that it is your responsibility to check the updated Agreement. Should there be any ambiguity as to the interpretation of the terms in this Agreement, Car Lite’s interpretation shall prevail.


"Car Lite" means Car Lite Pte. Ltd, a company incorporated in the Republic of Singapore and having its registered office at 1 Bukit Batok Crescent #04-57 Wcega Plaza S658064, which includes its successors-in-title and assignees. "Hirer" means the person(s) who have signed (or agreed to) this Agreement with Car Lite, any person or entity to which the charges incurred under this Agreement are to be billed, and any additional signatory to this Agreement or individual permitted to drive the vehicle with the written consent of the Car Lite. "Vehicle" means the motor vehicle or any substitute or replacement vehicle and includes all tyres, tools, keys, parts and vehicle documents in or on the vehicle. "Hire Period" shall mean the rental period for a Vehicle requested by the Hirer and confirmed by Car Lite on any of Car Lite’s booking platforms. "Force Majeure" means any events or circumstances outside Car Lite’s reasonable control, including weather conditions, decisions or acts by the relevant authorities, theft, acts of mischief, vandalism, Vehicle breakdowns and station/server/computer/system/communication blackouts or breakdowns. "Fees" and "Charges" means the prevailing list of fees and charges annexed herein, and may be collectively referred to as "Fees and Charges". "New Driver" means any hirer that is less than 22 years of age (at the point of hiring the vehicle) OR has less than 2 years of driving experience. “Authorised Additional Driver” means any hirer with an Car Lite active status account added as named driver to the main Hirer’s booking. IT IS AGREED as follows: -


1. The Hirer shall have no rights to the Vehicle other than as hirer and the Hirer shall not do or permit or cause to be done any matter or thing whereby the rights and liabilities of Car Lite in respect of the Vehicle may be prejudicially affected. This includes any form of removal, alteration, or damage (intentional or otherwise) to anti-tampering device(s) and/or system(s) in the Vehicle or accessories or equipment. Should such removal, alteration, or damage lead to a removal of critical information, the Hirer’s account will be suspended or terminated, with all future bookings removed without refunds and all insurance coverage (past, present, or future) immediately revoked without prejudice to all other rights Car Lite may have against the Hirer.

2. The Hirer shall not be the Car Lite’s servant and/or agent for any purpose whatsoever.

3. Hirers defined as “New Driver(s)”, non- Singaporeans, and non-permanent residents, shall be subject to additional terms and conditions such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • Payment of additional deposit as set forth in the Applicable Charges Table by way of Bank Transfer only; and
  • Exclusion from CDW and PAI add-on for insurance coverage.

4. The Vehicle is not let out to the Hirer subject to any condition or warranty, express or implied, in connection with the fitness for any purpose or age of the Vehicle.

5. In the event the Vehicle is not roadworthy, returned late by the previous hirer, or is due for maintenance and no alternative vehicle is available, the Hirer shall be refunded the hire charge and on termination of account, the deposit (without interest) and shall have no further rights or claims whatsoever against Car Lite.

6. In any event, Car Lite shall have full discretion whether to provide a replacement vehicle and if so, the type of replacement vehicle.

Payment Terms, Deposit, Pricing, and Refund Policies

7. On confirmation of booking, the relevant amount of credits in the Hirer’s e-wallet will be deducted. Any cancellations or modifications to the booking after 30 minutes from the time of confirmation shall be subject to clause 14 below.

8. The deposit will only be refunded in full (interest-free) when Car Lite has ascertained that the Hirer has paid all sums the Hirer is liable for and fully discharged his/her obligations under this Agreement. Car Lite shall endeavour to do so within 30 working days after the expiry of the Hire Period and the Hirer shall not off-set any sums payable to Car Lite against the deposit.

9. Relevant Fees and Charges shall be payable by the Hirer for the following:

  • 9.1. inclusion of (up to 2) additional named drivers as authorised additional drivers for specific booking to drive the Vehicle(s);
  • 9.2. operating the Vehicle in West Malaysia;
  • 9.3. processing of unresolved fines and summons incurred by the Hirer during Hire Period where the Hirer fails to settle these sums in accordance with clause 28.4;
  • 9.4. clean-up of the Vehicle if the Vehicle is not cleaned to a standard acceptable to Car Lite on return;
  • 9.5. where the Hirer fails to return the vehicle with more than 1/4 of the fuel tank filled;
  • 9.6. late return of the Vehicle and/or accessories
  • 9.7. Any applicable fees stated in the Charges Table

10. All Fees and Charges must be paid immediately upon demand according to the current payment modes Car Lite accept(s). The Hirer also consents to having all relevant Fees and Charges directly deducted and/or charged to the Hirer’s credit / debit card / bank account/ E-Wallet during the Hire Period and up to 31 days thereafter.

11. Pricing policy shall be agreed as follows:

  • 11.1. Hire Periods that overlap with high demand periods may carry a surcharge or be subject to a different rate. Booking rates and charges may also be calculated differently due to extensions, adjustments, cancellations or alterations by the Hirer. As such, Car Lite’s determination of the amount payable by the Hirer for the utilisation of the Vehicle shall be final;
  • 11.2. In the event of errors in the online pricing (such as when rentals or surcharges deviate in a manner that it falls below market/ usual rates by more than 20%), Car Lite shall have the right to cancel and refund bookings without compensation. For avoidance of doubt, Car Lite shall not be obliged to honour the erroneous rates.

12. Car Lite may from time to time, and at its sole and absolute discretion, create promotional codes that may be issued to selected hirers. These codes can only be used by the selected hirers, and must only be used for the intended purpose and manner. Such promotional codes are also subject to any other specific terms published by Car Lite on a per-promotional-code basis, and are not exchangeable for cash.

13. Car Lite reserves the right to charge the Hirer the full amount for any Hire Period by way of e-wallet credit and/or credit/debit card, or otherwise withhold any benefits obtained by the Hirer in the event that Car Lite determines or believes that the use or redemptions of the said promotional codes was erroneous, or in violation of any terms and conditions applicable to the said promotional codes.

14. There shall be no refund (partial or otherwise) of any payment made by the Hirer regardless of whether the Hirer had utilised the Vehicle for only part of the Hire Period or at all, save as provided for and subject to the Applicable Charges Table.

Hirer’s Obligations and Warranties

15. The Hirer is to provide a coloured, scanned copy of his/her original identity card, driving license, and latest phone bill of the mobile number used for registration of the Hirer’s account on executing this Agreement.

16. The Hirer shall ensure that he/she has a valid driving licence during the Hire Period and that he/she complies with all the provisions of the Road Traffic Act (Cap 276), and all other subsidiary rules and regulations made thereunder.

17. The Hirer warrants that he/she holds a valid credit or debit card in his/her own name, as well as a bank account in his/her own name with the authority to set up direct debit payments for the entire duration of the Hirer’s Hire Period including any renewals or extensions.

18. The Hirer warrants that he/she, and all authorised additional driver(s) for the Vehicle are not undischarged bankrupts (“such individuals”). Such individuals are not permitted to utilise the services of Car Lite and Car Lite shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement on discovering such situations or in event that a Bankruptcy Order is made against the Hirer.

19. The Hirer shall ensure that his E-Wallet has sufficient credits, and on being notified by Car Lite of insufficient credits, proceed to top up the said E-Wallet within 48 hours. Should the Hirer fail to do so, all future bookings shall be automatically cancelled.

Collection of Vehicle

20. The Vehicle shall be collected at the collection point(s) designated by Car Lite. Subject to the agreement of Car Lite and payment of relevant Charges by the Hirer, the Hirer may collect the Vehicle from an alternative collection point.

21. The Hirer’s Rental will begin at the start time of the Hire Period as per the Hirer’s booking or when the Hirer unlocks the Vehicle, whichever is earlier.

22. The Hirer is responsible for collecting the Vehicle on time. If the Hirer late by more than an hour for collection, Car Lite shall be entitled to terminate the booking without notice and without making any refunds to the Hirer.

23. After the Hirer has indicated that he has started the trip, the Hirer is deemed to have satisfied himself that the Vehicle and all accessories are in good condition and are road worthy.

24. Any apparent defects, or issues with the starting of the Vehicle shall be reported by the Hirer to Car Lite before the Hirer drives the Vehicle out of the designated parking lot or collection point with photographic evidence submitted via the booking platform. Should the Hirer be unable to upload the photographs on the platform, the Hirer shall send the said photographs to support@carlite.sg. Absent such reports, Car Lite shall presume that there is no damage or issues with the Vehicle.

25. If the Vehicle petrol level is found to be equal or less than 1/4, or if the “engine check light” is flashing, the Hirer shall also report this to Car Lite through the booking platform and with photographic evidence before moving the Vehicle.

26. It shall be the responsibility of the Hirer to check that the fuel card is in the Vehicle, and that it has not been tampered with. Should the fuel card be missing or tampered with, the Hirer shall report the incident to Car Lite via the booking platform prior to moving the Vehicle. Applicable to Petrol Inclusive Tiers Only.

Use of Vehicle

27. The Hirer shall operate the Vehicle with proper care and shall not:

  • 27.1. use, or allow the Vehicle to be used in a manner contrary to any law, rule or regulations in force in the Republic of Singapore (or Malaysia, where applicable) or in any manner by which the Vehicle might become liable to seizure, confiscation or forfeiture;
  • 27.2. sell, assign, mortgage, let on hire or otherwise dispose or part with possession of the Vehicle or any part thereof;
  • 27.3. carry passengers or property or deliver items for reward or use the Vehicle for the purpose of giving driving lessons;
  • 27.4. use or permit the Vehicle to be used or operated in a dangerous or reckless manner;
  • 27.5. use the Vehicle while he/she is under the influence of any intoxicating substance including any drugs that may impair the hirer’s ability to operate the Vehicle, or while he is in a physical or mental state or condition which affects his ability to drive the Vehicle properly and safely;
  • 27.6. remove any identification marks or plates affixed to the Vehicle, deface the paintwork or bodywork of the Vehicle;
  • 27.7 add or erect any painting, sign-writing, lettering or advertising to or on the Vehicle or any part thereof; or

28. The Hirer shall:

  • 28.1. ensure that no one, inclusive of valet drivers or jockeys, other than the authorised additional drivers named in the booking to operate the Vehicle, failing which, the Hirer shall be liable for any damage, loss and claims not covered under the comprehensive insurance policy;
  • 28.2. refuel Vehicles using only unleaded RON 95 with the Shell Petrol fuel card issued by Car Lite for vehicles under (Petrol Inclusive) Tiers. While refuel Vehicles using only unleaded RON 95 grade or above at Hirer's own expense for vehicles (under Self Pump) Tiers;
  • 28.3. acknowledge that no reimbursement will be given if the Hirer pays for petrol using any other payment means apart from the fuel card issued by Car Lite, unless prior written consent from Car Lite is obtained;
  • 28.4. be responsible for all Electronic Road Pricing (ERP), parking charges, and any Traffic fines arising from the Hirer’s use of the Vehicle, such fines or summonses including all notices and inquiries in connection therewith to be paid off electronically using any of the AXS terminals within 5 days from the Hirer having incurred such costs;
  • 28.5. permit Car Lite or their representative(s) access to the Vehicle at any time and, upon request, to enter the premise that the Vehicle is located at for inspection or to evaluate the condition of the Vehicle;
  • 28.6. disclose, without delay, to Car Lite the whereabouts of the Vehicle upon request for the same;
  • 28.7. notify Car Lite immediately upon losing possession or control of the Vehicle and take all necessary steps at his own expense to retain and recover possession of the Vehicle;
  • 28.8. maintain the Vehicle in the condition it was at the time of collection at Hirer’s own cost;
  • 28.9. ensure that the Vehicle remains locked, secure, and parked in a safe location when not being driven, with all windows fully shut and the trunk closed; and
  • 28.10. only use the Vehicle during the Hire Period save that such period may be extended with Car Lite’s written consent.

29. The Hirer shall not drive the Vehicle outside the Republic of Singapore without Car Lite’s consent. Should the Hirer intend to enter West Malaysia with the Vehicle, the Hirer must purchase Entry to Malaysia option only if available during the booking confirmation, failing which, the Vehicle shall not be driven into West Malaysia, and the Hirer will not be compensated for loss of use.

30. Additional charges shall be levied should the Hirer drive the Vehicle outside of the Republic of Singapore in any manner except as provided in clause 29, such charges to be determined at the sole discretion of Car Lite and/or listed in the table of charges.

31. The Hirer shall pay a mileage charge calculated on a per kilometre basis, as listed in Car Lite’s table of charges. The mileage charge shall be totalled and deducted from the Hirer’s E-wallet when the Vehicle is returned.

Event of Vehicle Damage/ Breakdown/ Accident

32. Car Lite shall not be responsible for any consequential or incidental loss or damages suffered by the hirer due to Vehicle breakdown and/or any accidents.

33. Subject to clause 34, a 24 hours breakdown and emergency service shall be provided by Car Lite to the Hirer.

34. In the event of a Vehicle breakdown:

  • 34.1. The Hirer acknowledges and agrees that all subsequent confirmed bookings may be cancelled as Car Lite will be unable to guarantee any form of replacement whatsoever;
  • 34.2. The Hirer is required to take note of the Vehicle’s engine temperature;
  • 34.3. the Hirer undertakes to fully indemnify Car Lite and/or bear all costs and expenses incurred to repair the Vehicle in the event that the breakdown is attributable to the Hirer’s acts, omissions and/or negligence;
  • 34.4. the Hirer shall report all issues to Car Lite and seek Car Lite’s permission before proceeding to fix any issues;
  • 34.5. If the Vehicle is unable to move, the Hirer shall click on the “Breakdown Button” on the Hirer’s account page to engage a tow service;
  • 34.6. The following shall not constitute a Vehicle breakdown or emergency, and Fees shall be payable to Car Lite if the 24 hours breakdown and emergency service is utilised by the Hirer for the following situations where:
    • 34.6.1. the Vehicle’s keys are inside the locked Vehicle;
    • 34.6.2. the steering wheel is locked;
    • 34.6.3. tyres need to be changed due to punctures or otherwise;
    • 34.6.4. the Vehicle stalled due to an empty fuel tank.

35. Hirer shall take the following steps in the event of an accident or any damage caused to the Vehicle:

  • 35.1. Contact Car Lite immediately and, if there is any damaged property or personal injury, the police and ambulance;
  • 35.2. Report any accidents within 24 hours to Car Lite’s designated reporting centre, failing which, any additional insurance (e.g CDW, PAI) purchased by the Hirer shall be automatically voided and no refunds of the premiums paid will be made to the Hirer;
  • 35.3. Take down the name(s), vehicle registration numbers, contact details, address of witness(es) and all involved parties without making any admissions of liability or guilt to any party;
  • 35.4. Not abandon the Vehicle without adequate provision for safeguarding and securing the same;
  • 35.5. Photograph the Vehicle, the other vehicles involved in the accident and of the accident scene at different angles without moving the Vehicle involved;
  • 35.6. Render full cooperation and comply with all requests by Car Lite to submit a motor accident report with the relevant authority and/or insurance companies, and assist in dealing with any litigation or investigations in relation to the accident;
  • 35.7. Make payment in full immediately upon demand without delay for any applicable charges based on the Charges Table and loss of use for repair of the vehicle;
  • 35.8. The Hirer shall be fully responsible for covering all cost and expenses incurred in recovering any outstanding Fees, Charges, Payments and negative E-Wallets balance owed to Car Lite and its partners. This includes not but limited to actions, proceedings, demands, debt collector fees, liabilities, losses, damages, costs (including legal costs on an indemnity basis) and expenses of whatever nature, arising directly out of the recovering process;
Return of Vehicle

36. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the Vehicle is returned on time and together with all tyres, tools, accessories and equipment (where applicable) as listed on the booking platform.

37. The car key, dongle, and fuel card shall be placed in the glove box, with the dongle fully plugged in. Applicable for vehicles under (Petrol-Inclusive) Tier.

38. Should the Hirer fail to return the Vehicle at the end of the Hire Period, the Hirer shall be taken to have used/ operated the Vehicle beyond the authorised period. Insurance courage and any potential insurance claims due to accidents during the period of unauthorised use will be denied, and the Hirer shall pay Car Lite the relevant late delivery Fees in addition to prevailing hire charges until such time as the Vehicle is duly returned in the manner stated in this Agreement.

39. Clause 38 shall not be construed to confer upon the Hirer any rights as to the continued use or possession of the Vehicle past the Hire Period. Car Lite’s acceptance of the late delivery Fees and additional hire charges does not constitute a waiver of the Hirer’s breach of this Agreement.

40. The Hirer shall return the Vehicle in good order and condition (reasonable wear and tear excepted) as per the state and condition of the Vehicle on collection by the Hirer from Car Lite.

41. As Car Lite is a self-service operation, Car Lite is unable to reserve any parking lots for the Hirer. The Hirer may park the Vehicle at any lot designated in the booking platform, and if such lots are unavailable, only at deck 4 or above and key in the lot number into Car Lite’s system thereafter when ending the trip. Should the Hirer be unable to find an appropriate parking lot, the Hirer shall contact Car Lite’s customer service hotline immediately.

42. Charges shall apply if the Hirer opts for, and Car Lite consents to, the return of the Vehicle at specific locations. Car Lite reserves the right to reject any specific pick up locations requested by the Hirer.

43. The Hirer shall report any damages or issues with the Vehicle to Car Lite at the end of the booking with photographic evidence (or any other forms of evidences where appropriate), failing which Car Lite shall be entitled to attribute to the Hirer all damages discovered thereafter and claim all costs and expenses of rectification and repair and consequential loss from the Hirer.

Termination of Hire Period / Agreement

44. The Hire Period shall be deemed terminated at the time where:

  • 44.1. The Hire Period as has expired;
  • 44.2. The Hirer uses the “End Trip” function;
  • 44.3. Car Lite or their authorised representative(s) repossesses the Vehicle; or
  • 44.4. Car Lite exercises the right to terminate this Agreement following the Hirer’s breach of this Agreement (by way of failure to pay any sums payable or otherwise), whichever is earlier.

45. Upon termination of Hire Period, the Hirer shall pay to Car Lite all outstanding Fees and Charges together with interest at 3.5% per month on all sums overdue.

46. Car Lite’s rights under Common Law and this Agreement shall subsist notwithstanding the termination of this Agreement. A termination of this Agreement by Car Lite shall also not be construed as a waiver of any liabilities or breaches whatsoever of the Hirer as at the date of termination, regardless of whether such liabilities or breaches have been brought to the attention of Car Lite.


47. The Hirer shall not be rude, rowdy, or aggressive towards any of Car Lite’s staff, workshop partners, business partners or third parties that Car Lite works together with for any purposes related to this Agreement.

48. The Hirer shall, during the Hire Period, notify Car Lite forthwith of any changes in the Hirer’s information such as the Hirer’s name, address, or contact details.

49. Car Lite and their authorised representative(s) (which shall include third party service providers) shall have the right at any time during or after the termination or expiry of the Hire Period at its absolute discretion and without notice repossess the Vehicle and/or its accessories. For the purpose of such repossession, Car Lite’s authorised representative(s) may enter upon any premises or building where the Vehicle may for the time being is kept or parked and to break open by force if necessary any door, gate, or part of such premise or building.

50. In the event that the Vehicle is repossessed by Car Lite due to the Hirer’s breach of this Agreement,

  • 50.1. Car Lite shall not be liable for loss or damage of any personal belongings of the Hirer in the course of repossession, or any expenses or damage suffered by the Hirer;
  • 50.2. The Hirer shall remain liable for any damage to the Vehicle up until and during the process of repossession, including any expenses incurred to repair and restore the Vehicle to the condition it was in, at the beginning of the Hire Period; and
  • 50.3. The Hirer shall also indemnify Car Lite and be liable for and pay all costs, charges, and expenses incurred by Car Lite in ascertaining the whereabouts of the Vehicle and/or Hirer.
Limitation of Liability

51. Car Lite shall not be liable to the Hirer for any claim, loss, or damage of any kind caused directly or indirectly by the Vehicle or accessories, or from the use of the Vehicle or accessories.

52. Car Lite shall also not be liable for any loss or damage to any property left, stored or transported by the Hirer or any other person in the Vehicle, including during the period before or after the return of the Vehicle to Car Lite, regardless of whether the alleged loss or damage was occasioned by the negligence of Car Lite, its servants, agents or employees. The Hirer assumes all risk of such loss or damage and shall indemnify Car Lite against any such claims.


53. The Hirer shall be fully responsible for and shall indemnify and/or reimburse Car Lite for any and all claims (including third party claims), actions, proceedings, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, costs (including legal costs on an indemnity basis) and expenses of whatever nature, arising directly out of or in connection to the acts, omissions or breach of this Agreement of the Hirer.

54. This includes reimbursing Car Lite for the cost of replacing the Vehicle if seized/confiscated/forfeited by government authorities, stolen, or otherwise lost during the Hire Period, in addition to compensating Car Lite for loss of use computed as per Car Lite’s prevailing hire rates.


55. The Hirer is responsible for familiarising himself with the standard insurance policy for the Vehicle hired and undertakes to do everything necessary to maintain the said policies in full effect and not to do anything that may lead to the said policies being voided or repudiated.

56. Car Lite may at its absolute discretion, conduct any negotiation or effect any settlement with the insurers and the Hirer agrees to be bound by any settlement or arrangement agreed between the insurers and Car Lite. Any money payable by the insurers shall be paid by the Hirer to Car Lite or to such party as Car Lite may direct.

57. Car Lite shall insure the Vehicle against all third party risks and liabilities, loss or theft and damage to the Vehicle, subject to the excess as annexed herein. However, the Vehicle is NOT covered by a policy of insurance covering personal injuries to or death of the Hirer and Car Lite shall not be responsible for any liability, claims, injuries or losses otherwise in connection with any accident, arising from the use of the Vehicle.

58. The Hirer shall be given the option to purchase CDW/PAI only if it is available.

59. The Hirer acknowledges that if an accident is not reported within 24 hours of its occurrence, the relevant insurance company may repudiate the case and all claims will be borne by the Hirer regardless of whether CDW is purchased or not.

60. The Hirer consents to pay immediately upon demand without delay Car Lite the full amount of insurance excess stated in the Charges Table, Towing Fees and any loss of use for the repair of vehicle. The Hirer irrevocably authorizes and consents to Car Lite deducting any unpaid charges from the Hirer’s credit card/ debit card/ e-wallet/ bank account regardless of the outcome of the claim. Any balance of the insurance excess will be refunded by Car Lite to the Hirer, after the details of the accident are finalized.

61. If Hirer is aged beyond stated permitted age range 18 - 65, his/her account will be automatically suspended, and all insurance coverage withdrawn. Hirer age above 65 can be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis. Hirers with more than 12 demerit points will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Use of Website, Mobile Application and/or Booking Services

62. Car Lite’s Website, Mobile Application or related online Booking Services platforms may contain links to resources operated by other parties. The Hirer shall access these hyperlinks entirely at his/her own risk and shall make no claim against Car Lite in relation to any matters from accessing these resources.

63. The inclusion of any links does not imply endorsement by Car Lite of any material on these resources, or any association with its owners or operators. Car Lite bears no responsibility or liability whatsoever for those resources, including but not limited to the accuracy or legality of the information contained.

Personal Data Protection Policy

64. The Hirer is responsible for viewing Car Lite’s Privacy Policy for disclosures relating to the collection and use of the Hirer’s personal information.


65. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Car Lite and the Hirer. No waiver of Car Lite’s rights or amendments to this Agreement shall be valid unless done in writing and signed by Car Lite.

66. In the event that any provision of this Agreement is determined to be invalid, void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless continue in full force and effect.

67. The Hirer remains responsible and liable under the terms and condition of this Agreement regardless of any attempted assignment.

68. Car Lite’s liability to the Hirer, whether for breach of this Agreement or otherwise, shall not in any event exceed the amount paid by the Hirer for the use of the Vehicle or the sum of S$100,000, whichever is lower.

69. Car Lite shall not be liable for failure to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement, if the failure is caused (directly or otherwise) by a Force Majeure event.

Governing Law

70. This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Singapore. The Hirer and Car Lite agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.

Charges Table
Excess (Driving Experience > 2 years) And (Age > 22 Years Old) (Driving Experience < 2 years) Or (Age < 22 Years Old)
Car < 1,600cc Car > 1,600cc Car < 1,600cc Car > 1,600cc
Windscreen Excess $327.00 $545.00 $327.00 $545.00
Third Party Excess $2,725.00 $3,815.00 $5,450.00 $6,540.00
Own Vehicle Excess $2,725.00 $3,815.00 $5,450.00 $6,540.00
Excess With CDW
Third Party Excess $1,362.50 $1,907.50 $2,725.00 $3,270.00
Own Vehicle Excess $1,362.50 $1,907.50 $2,725.00 $3,270.00
Repair Work(s) / Damages
Panel Beating Per Panel Capped @ $163.50 $272.50 $163.50 $272.50
Spray Painting Per Panel Capped @ $163.50 $272.50 $163.50 $272.50
Tyes 15" 16" 17" 18"
Tyre Side Damaged (Per Piece) $100 $110 $130 $160
Rims (1 Set 4 Pieces Min) $400 $500 $600 $800
Add-On Charges
West Malaysia $27.25 / Calendar Date
CDW 10% of Total Rental Charge
PAI 5% of Total Rental Charge
Authorised Additional Driver 10% of Total Rental Charge
Mileage Fee *Pertrol Cost Borne By Hirer For $0 Per Km Tiers
Tier 1 / Tier 3 / Tier 5 $0 Per Km
Tier 2 / Tier 4 $0 Per Km
Tier 6 $0.00 Per Km
Top Up Credit $20 or $50 $100 $200 - $299 $300 - $399
Charges Amount $1 $2 $3 $4
Cancellation of Booking
More Than 48hrs Before Booking Start $0.80 Per Booking
48hr - 24hrs Before Booking Start 50% of Rental Charge
Less Than 24hrs Before Booking Start 100% of Rental Charge
Tampering / Misuse / Missing
Platform Device $500
Fuel Card / Fuel Card Dongle $150
Platform Account $200
Malaysia Entry Without Declaration $100
Smoking / Durian / Odours Items $500
Stain (Interior) / Animal Fur / Pets / Littering $50
Engine Overhaul / Replacement / Over heat $3,500
Missing Key $200
Missing Remote Key $380
Missing Key (Keyless Type) $500
Late (Per 15 Mins Block) $10
Return Not More Than 1/4 Petrol *Depends on Vehicle Model $15 / $20 / $25 / $30 / $35
Fuel Card Dongle Not Fully Plugged In $15
Failure to obey instruction(s) / Repeated Offence $15
Changing of Spare Tyre / Towing Fee $75
Did Not Switch Off Headlights / Vehicle Electronics $50
Key not in Glove Box After End Trip $50
Car Not Designated CarPark/Deck/Lot at End Trip $100
Termination Account Without Using $15
Unauthorised Drivers Driving $100