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Only Hirer and authorised additional drivers named in the specific booking are allowed to drive.

Singapore valid driving license, NRIC & proof of residency are required. For drivers below 22 years old and/or 2 years driving experience, certain cars will not be available. Drivers holding to a foreign driving license will be required to adhere to the following Traffic Police Regulations with To drive a vehicle in Singapore, you must possess a valid Singapore driving licence for the class of vehicle that you want to drive. This requirement applies to all citizens and permanent residents of Singapore and also foreigners who are residing in Singapore for more than twelve (12) months. Foreigners who reside here for less than twelve (12) months must possess a valid foreign licence and International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by an authorised body in their country of origin e.g. the Automobile Association (AA). If an International Driving Permit is not available, an official translation of your foreign driving licence in English is required. If you are from a ASEAN member country, you only need to possess a valid driving licence issued by your country's relevant driving licence issuing authority in order to drive in Singapore.


Hirer age above 65 - 70 can be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis.

Hirer with more than 12 demerit points will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

No child Seat or booster seats will be available. Kindly bring along if you have passengers lower than the height of 1.35m, this is for the safety of all driver and passenger. More information can be found in the following link below.


No Navigation is provide, kindly utilize your Mobile Phones Map/Directional Navigation System.


No our fleet of cars are without PHV decals and not meant for private hire use.


Rental & other charges will be deducted from your digital wallet, with top up amount value of $20, $50, $100, $200.

Car park charges, ERP and fines are all borne by you with the exception of the designated car park where the vehicle is stationed.

Refundable security deposit of S$100 is require and refunded upon cancellation of account. Refund will be done within 10 working days. For drivers with less than 22 years old or/and 2 years driving experience additional security deposit of $200 applies. For work pass holders or similar additional security deposit of $200 applies as well.

Malaysia Entry Currently Unavailable.

  • Top up amount $20 or $50, $1 fee applies.
  • Top up amount $100 - $199, $2 fees applies.
  • Top up amount $200 - $299, $3 fee applies.

Penalty Charges

Late return charges will be imposed for in blocks of 15 mins. Refer to the Charges Table. 4 minutes and 59 seconds grace time is available end of booking before late charges apply.

Yes, for more than 48hrs prior to booking start time $0.80 cancellation fee applies. Between 48hrs - 24hrs prior to booking start time, 50% of booking rate. Within 24 hrs prior to booking start time, 100% of booking rate.

Repair charges applies. Refer to the Charges Table.

Our entire fleet of vehicles are non-smoking. Refrain from smoking and entering the vehicle too, if smell of smoke or durian is found kindly report to support@carlite.sg or 6334 5744 during office hours 9:30am – 6:15pm Mon-Friday. Refer to Charges Table.

Always take clear images of the vehicle on all 4 corners/sides during end trip to safe keep for at least 1 month to avoid disputes and charges.

Key recovery service is require. Refer to the charges table.

Contact us immediately. Refer to charges table.


Comprehensive Coverage is inclusive with applicable excess to each accident claim or damage. If repair cost is less than excess, only repair cost is to be paid. Refer to Charges Table.

Any traffic offences received will be furnished with the Hirer’s particulars accordingly.

CDW & PAI are able to be purchased during the payment pages as add-ons. This is to reduce the excess liability and coverage.

Accidents / Breakdowns

  1. Stay calm and contact ambulance if required.
  2. Do not move the vehicle and switch on the hazard light.
  3. Take multiple clear and different angle pictures of the involved vehicles with vehicle license plates, vehicles damages and accident location.
  4. Exchange particulars and contact number with the involved parties.
  5. Do not admit any liability and shift the vehicle to the side of the road if the vehicle is still in drivable conditions.
  6. Once safe contact us immediately via the emergency button found in your booking.
  7. Assist us in any reporting and enquiries relating to the accident.

Log in, under booking look for and press the emergency hotline button to contact our 24/7 hotline service.

Contact our hotline to ensure the car is in roadworthy condition. Only then you can still drive. Repair charges will apply.

Select the relevant booking and submit the pictures via general reporting Repair charges will apply.

24/7 road side support assistance. Do note this hotline is only available during the rental period.


Strive to approve application within 1 to 2 business days. If there is any delay we seek your understanding.

Vehicles can be collected at the designated car park and specific level /decks on the car park. Log in and view your booking to find the deck number and lot number. 15 minutes grace period before booking is subjected to vehicle availability.

First come first serve basis applies, we are unable to predict when the vehicle will be booked for your specified period as it is open for everyone to place a booking. Therefore, once your scheduled is confirm you should proceed with booking your desired vehicle.

Malaysia Entry Currently Unavailable.

This is subjected to availability of the vehicle, so kindly check at least 1 Hour in advance and book the extension. This is to ensure ample time is set to return the vehicle to his designated spot so the next rental booking can be fulfilled without hiccups.

Cancellation fees will apply, refer to Charges Table in T&C.

Double check the entire vehicle for your belongs before ending the trip to ensure no lost items.

Parked at the alternative lot indicated in your booking.

No refund will be made for any early return of vehicle.

Car availability function provides available timings of the vehicle for your ease of search and rental planning.


Petrol is fully borne by you and return of vehicle, petrol level must also be above 1/4 tank.

During your start trip, report with a picture of the petrol level. $10, $20, $25 will be credit varies between models, refer to start trip and end trip sample. During return of vehicle petrol must be more than 1/4.

Unleaded Petrol 95 and above for cars. For commercial such as vans and lorries refer to the fuel cover, varies by model (unleaded petrol 95 or diesel).


Have a friend looking to rent from us. Refer and both you and your friend will get credits to be used for your rental. **T&C applies. Referral links must be used, and a initial minimum top up of $50 for the referred is required

Exterior and interior cleaning will be done at a scheduled rate. Any cleaning during the rental period will be notified to the Hirer, and only exterior will be cleaned in these situations.

Strictly No Pets Allowed, smoking or carrying of durian or any items that will retain odour after your booking with any of our vehicle. Charges will apply.

Deposit will only be refunded by cheque to the name shown in the NRIC registered, or refunded the credit/debit card used.

Probation plates will not be provided. Kindly proceed to the nearest petrol station to purchase before you start driving.